Sell Games account in Pakistan

Sell Game Accounts for Real Money in Pakistan

How to Sell Game Accounts for Real Money in Pakistan ?

The first step is to register as a verified seller on BTCK.NET- the biggest player-player trade platform in Pakistan if you haven’t yet. Next, you have to make your trade offer. Pick out the best characteristics of your PubG OR Fortnite account. Levels, characters, and whatever rare items or equipment are good ways to attract potential buyers all over Pakistan. You may also list whatever is special about the game account such as if there are indicators of participation in past events, seasons etc

Then you have to choose a delivery method. Our system will ask you to set an estimate of how long a buyer would wait before you can deliver the account details. Otherwise, you could sell game accounts instantly. It would require you to send us the details so that we can handle its delivery ourselves. The latter would be more convenient for you, but it’s still your choice.

Detail Game Account Seller Stats for Buyers

The next step involves some waiting before your potential buyer from Pakistan contacts you on provided details. Once they do, you can collect your profit!

About Selling Game Accounts — PubG / FORTNITE

Whatever your reason is for quitting a game, your account doesn’t have to disappear into the void. Why let it fall by the wayside when you can sell it to an interested party instead and earn some money?

The advantages of this include the financial gains, though it’s still your choice whether or not to let go of your account. There’s also the fact that your time invested in the game isn’t completely wasted. You’re not playing it, but at least someone else will be benefitting from it.

At any rate, the more desirable game accounts have rare items (such as event-only items) or are at a very high level. Then again, it depends on the game. There could be ones that are better, the longer the account was used to play the game. Otherwise, there could be a highly-rated character as in the case of most mobile battleground games.

Additional Game account details and PKR supported Payment methods for Pakistan

BTCPK — Digital Market is the best place to sell your game accounts in Pakistan. We’ve got the best web security, free registration for seller and buyers both without any hidden fees at all, and an ever-growing community of player-to-player traders all across Pakistan. What more could you ask for? Buy and sell using Jazz cash, Easy Paisa, Bank transfer etc, all PKR supported payment methods are available.

Sell your game accounts and make money today!

Remember it is as simple as Play the Game, Sell your Accounts, Earn Money, Repeat (If u need more money ).

Register Now and Join The Biggest Digital Gamers Market In Pakistan.

Happy Trading

Blockchain Technology Company Pakistan — BTCPK

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