PubG Top 10 Players / Squads in Pakistan

PubG Top 10 Players | Best PubG Clans in Pakistan

Top Pakistani PUBG Players — ٹاپ پب جی پلیر پاکستان 💎🎮🙇🇵🇰

1.Star Anonymous
3.Ahmad Op
4.47 Khalifa
5.Cute Panda
6.Mr Jay Plays
7.Solo King
8.Doctor Pikachu
10.SP Joker

Top PubG Clans in Pakistan- ٹاپ پب جی سکواڈ پاکستان💎🎮👬🇵🇰

  1. Rushers
  3. RDx
  4. Pak Arm
  5. Eagles
  6. Baloch Markhors
  7. Shaikh Squad
  8. Team E3A
  9. Lakki wal kotarran
  10. pak ssg

Last Updated — Feb 2021

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