PubG Top 10 Players / Squads in Pakistan

PubG Top 10 Players | Best PubG Clans in Pakistan

Top Pakistani PUBG Players — ٹاپ پب جی پلیر پاکستان 💎🎮🙇🇵🇰

1.Star Anonymous
3.Ahmad Op
4.47 Khalifa
5.Cute Panda
6.Mr Jay Plays
7.Solo King
8.Doctor Pikachu
10.SP Joker

Top 10 Pakistani PUBG Players and Best PubG Clans in Pakistan

Top PubG Clans in Pakistan- ٹاپ پب جی سکواڈ پاکستان💎🎮👬🇵🇰

  1. Rushers
  3. RDx
  4. Pak Arm
  5. Eagles
  6. Baloch Markhors
  7. Shaikh Squad
  8. Team E3A
  9. Lakki wal kotarran
  10. pak ssg

Last Updated — Feb 2021

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