Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is information and knowledge about potential threats and threat actors that helps mitigate any harmful events in cyberspace of any organisation.

Cyber threat intelligence sources include open source intelligence, social media, human Intelligence, technical intelligence or intelligence from the deep and other dark web sources.

Tactical intelligence (including Indicators of Compromise such as IP addresses, file names, or hashes) which can be used to assist in the identification of threat actors .Operational intelligence which details of the motivation or capabilities of threat actors, including their tools, techniques and procedures and finally strategic intelligence which is about the overarching risks associated with cyber threats which can be used to drive high-level organizational strategy.

Cyber threat intelligence provides a number of benefits, and using this approach empowers organisations to develop a proactive cybersecurity posture and to bolster overall risk management policies and drives momentum toward a cybersecurity posture that is predictive, not just reactive.

It enables improved detection of threats and informed and better decision-making during and following the detection of a cyber intrusion or a cyber attack.

Tier3 — Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform can help your organization in Pakistan to aggregate, correlate, and analyze cyber threat data from multiple sources in real time to support defensive cyber security actions.

This cyber threat Intelligence Platform can be deployed on cloud or on-premise system to facilitate management of real time threat data from a range of existing security tools such as a SIEM, firewall, API, endpoint management software or Intrusion Prevention System. The primary purpose of TIP (Threat Intelligence Platform) is to help organizations understand the risks and protect against a variety of threat types most likely to affect their environments.

It provides Cyber Threat feeds (CTF) from a variety of different sources including but not limited to industry groups / Clearnet / Darkweb . It has a strong Internal Filtering mechanism to reduce Noise and False Positives.Produces Alerts and reports about specific types of threats and threat actors — Filtering Analysis and sharing of threat intelligence (Locale Pakistan) .Deployed Honeypots and post infection Malware Analysis with Normalization and scoring of risk data .

There is 24/7 CERT Team for support against ransomware cyber attacks and cyber breach incidents In Pakistan.

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