Best Pakistani PubG Editors

PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending games of our era and one of the most popular games in Pakistan. It has managed to earn a huge fan base in a very short time. Every player, whether he’s a newbie or a professional, wishes to stream their game-play on the internet to make some fans, showcase their skills or simply earn some money by video monetization.

Best Pakistani PubG Editor
Best Pakistani PubG Editor

Top PubG Editors in Pakistan — پاکستان پب جی ایڈیٹر

BTCPK monitors numerous Pakistani Esports Gamers profiles and channels and here is our list of our Top PubG game-play Editors in Pakistan. — updated Feb 2021

پاکستان- پب جی ایڈیٹر پروگرام

If you want to try editing your Pubg game-play video you can do so easily by following using some of top PubG game-play video recording and editing softwares -

  • Screen Recorder (For Mobile & Pc).

Once you have recorded your PUBG Mobile game-play, it is all down to editing now. Editing must be unique in comparison to others players if you want to gain new fans. Viewers don’t like to see the same editing routines and voice over as it gets boring over time. There are several applications that you can use to edit your game-play videos. You can also view our list of PubG Top 10 Players and top 10 PubG Clans in Pakistan , which is also updated regularly for our esports fans readers.

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