5 Best Hardware Wallets in Pakistan

5 Best Hardware Crypto Wallets available in Pakistan

پاکستان کرپٹوکرنسی والٹ

Hardware wallets are physical devices, which act as a flash drive and store your private keys. The device is secure enough that you can even use them with a device you don’t trust.

A hardware wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet where users can store their private keys in a secure physical device. Cryptocurrencies stored in the wallet are kept offline, meaning that they can’t be hacked. However, when needed, the coins stored are readily available. If you are not that well-versed in coding and technical details, the hardware wallet is a great way to store the majority of your cryptos. There is a great news for Pakistani crypto users as some of these top hardware wallets are available in Pakistan.

Here is list of some of hardware wallets available in Pakistan and their prices for crypto users and enthusiasts. Users can buy these hardware wallets in Pakistan from BTCPK website - btcpk.net using online ordering form.

Hardware wallets in Pakistan
Hardware wallets in Pakistan

Hot Wallets
These are crypto wallets that are actively connected to the internet. While it is easy to transact using these wallets, they are vulnerable to hacks. Exchange wallets, mobile wallets, and desktop wallets are examples of hot wallets.

Cold Wallets
Cold wallets are crypto wallets that are not connected to the internet and hence safe from hack attempts. Paper wallets are an example of cold wallets. The idea is that if you want to store away and hold on to your cryptocurrencies safely, then you can use a cold wallet to keep them safe.

These hardware wallets available in Pakistan combine the safety of cold wallets, along with the ease of transactions of hot wallets.

Users can also use additional 2FA security keys like Yubikey in Pakistan to further protect their hardware wallets and secure their private keys.

Blockchain Technology Company Pakistan — BTCPK

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