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According to new Tax Laws all tier-1 retailers are required to integrate all their POS with FBR’s Software Fiscal Component system in Pakistan. It is also mandatory for all restaurants to integrate their POS. These FBR Invoicing system Integrated POS systems used by these retailers should be able to handle sales, returns and exchanges.

FBR Invoicing system Integrated POS System software should make the necessary adjustment to sales revenue and the same is also reflected in sales reported to FBR. …

Amazon Seller Terms -Every Pakistani Amazon Seller Should Know

3PL — Third party logistics. A company that accepts your shipment directly from a foreign manufacturer, checks for quality, then forwards to Amazon warehouses on your behalf.

ACOS — Advertising cost of sale. This is a metric you will want to become familiar with if you want to measure the success of your ad campaigns.

ACOS = total spent on ads ÷ total sales generated from ads

Alibaba — The largest product sourcing website on the internet. Alibaba helps sellers find factories all over the world (mostly in China). For many…

Amazon Store Management Services - Pakistan

Amazon Store Managament and Training In Pakistan
Amazon Store Management Services Pakistan

Amazon has recently listed Pakistan as one of seller countries and many Pakistani businesses are interested in operating their amazon stores online in AMAZON marketplace. How ever there is an issue to avail this business opportunity specially from the technical and store management side of services. Producers, manufacturers or other sellers are finding it difficult to understand the AMAZON store working model and also how to proficiently and technically operate the store.

Then there is also a separate issue of amazon product research, Amazon marketing and seo strategies , Products UAC listings , FBA…

Free Fire Top 10 Players in Pakistan | Free Fire TOP 10 Teams in Pakistan

Top Pakistani Free Fire Players — 💎🎮🙇🇵🇰

1.Anonymous Star
4.47 Khalifa
5.Mr Panda
6.Barood Khan
7.King PK
9. God x Boss
10.SP Joker

Free Fire Top 10 Players In Pakistan| Free Fire Top 10 Teams in Pakistan

Top Free Fire Teams in Pakistan- 💎🎮👬🇵🇰

  1. TEAM TG
  4. Nochance
  5. HotShot
  6. House of Blood
  7. Bad Guyz
  8. Team Alpha
  9. Markhorz
  10. PakTG

Last Updated — April 2021


This List is updated monthly. If you want to be featured on this list please join our Official Esports Channel on telegram and share your in-game stats. Also you can buy GARENA FREE FIRE TOP UP PK with easypaisa and jazz cash by visiting Garena Free Fire top center in Pakistan.

You can also view the list of Garena Free Fire Pakistan to see how it is possible to monetize your game-play videos and earn money from them.



Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. A 10-minute game play places you on an island where you are fighting for survival against 49 other players, all seeking the ultimate win.

Garena Top Up PK
Garena Top Up PK

Players can choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the game map, hide in wild jungle, or become invisible by proning under grass or bushes. Ambush, snip , survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the last call of duty.


Pay Zakat on your crypto assets by buying Digital Quran NFTs

Zakat On Cryptocurrency
Zakat On Cryptocurrency

Yes, many fiqh-based arguments support that cryptocurrency is an object of zakat. Zakat should be paid on cryptocurrency holdings. This is due to cryptocurrency position as an asset (maal), which is analogue with gold and cash in hand.

According to the fiqh issued by Darul Fiqh UK. Bitcoins are Zakatable as they are Māl (entity), have Taqawwum (Islamic legal value) and are in the ruling of a currency (Thamaniyyah).

Therefore, the method of zakat calculation for cryptocurrency is similar to the standard of zakat on gold and on cash…

PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending games of our era and one of the most popular games in Pakistan. It has managed to earn a huge fan base in a very short time. Every player, whether he’s a newbie or a professional, wishes to stream their game-play on the internet to make some fans, showcase their skills or simply earn some money by video monetization.

Best Pakistani PubG Editor
Best Pakistani PubG Editor

Top PubG Editors in Pakistan — پاکستان پب جی ایڈیٹر

BTCPK monitors numerous Pakistani Esports Gamers…

PubG Top 10 Players | Best PubG Clans in Pakistan

Top Pakistani PUBG Players — ٹاپ پب جی پلیر پاکستان 💎🎮🙇🇵🇰

1.Star Anonymous
3.Ahmad Op
4.47 Khalifa
5.Cute Panda
6.Mr Jay Plays
7.Solo King
8.Doctor Pikachu
10.SP Joker

Top 10 Pakistani PUBG Players and Best PubG Clans in Pakistan

Top PubG Clans in Pakistan- ٹاپ پب جی سکواڈ پاکستان💎🎮👬🇵🇰

  1. Rushers
  3. RDx
  4. Pak Arm
  5. Eagles
  6. Baloch Markhors
  7. Shaikh Squad
  8. Team E3A
  9. Lakki wal kotarran
  10. pak ssg

Last Updated — Feb 2021

This List is updated monthly. If you want to be featured on this list please join our Official Esports Channel on telegram and share your in-game stats. You can also view the list of Best Pakistani Pubg Editors to see how it is possible to monetize your game-play videos and earn money from them.

For Updates about top ranking lists and other esports events join our Telegram Channel esportspk.

E Sports Events Updates in Pakistan 🎮🔔🇵🇰

A national-level esports tournament will be taking place in March 2021 in Islamabad. Mr Fawad Hussain, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology also revealed this week that a memorandum has been signed between the Pakistan Sports Board and the Pakistan Science Foundation that will see esports receive a “regular sports” status.

Here is an updated list of top resources (websites and groups) for Gamers and other Esports enthusiasts in Pakistan. You can visit or subscribe to stay updated about latest Esports Events, tournaments and other news and updates in Pakistan.

Garena Free Fire Tri Series

Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are to battle it out…

Biggest and Most Active Pakistani Telegram Group Links 🔥 — ٹاپ پاکستانی ٹیلیگرام چینل اور گروپ

Pakistani Drama Groups– Link 📺
Pakistani Movies Groups — Link 🎬
Pakistani Digital Market Group — Link 💰
Pakistani TV Shows Telegram Group — Link 🎭
Pakistani Cricket / Sports Group — Link 🏏
Pakistani ESports Group /e tournaments updates — Link 🎮
Pakistani Gamers Zone — Link 🏆
Pakistani Cryptocurrency Market Group — Link 💲
Pakistani Fashion / Designer Suits — Link 👗👠
Pakistani Pakistani Music — Link 🎼
Pakistani Amazon Sellers Group (FBA Pakistan) — Link 💰🏆
Pakistani Jobs Channel — Link 👷🏼
Pakistani Mehfil / Entertainment / CHAT Telegram Group — Link 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
Pakistani Local Urdu News — Link 📢🇵🇰
Pakistan Local English News — Link 📢 🗺…


Blockchain Technology Company Pakistan — BTCPK

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